Who are we

Autokey originates from the blending of different skills and areas of professionalism, all gained in the Automotive Sector. Its primary objective is to offer the market a structured organization dealing with repair and reconditioning of vehicle bodywork damage, both on large and small scale.

Our knowledge in the field, accrued with different types of clientele, allows us to offer a high quality product at competitive prices, which can be combined with modular commercial solutions, based on the volume and type of work requested.

Our advanced, multifunctional, operational and management structure, which features a dedicated software application and sharing of processes at all levels, matches our operators' extensive technical skills, many of these learnt in-house. The system generates a detailed cost classification and a precise distribution between the single job-orders, which gives rise to punctual management and realistic pricing.

Through the processing of information flows via Web Service, production cycles can be tailor made to Clients' requirements.  

Organizational skill, as well as the variety of services and the process for managing peak activity periods, allow us to offer a complete and well-defined product in performance terms, guaranteed by the definition of specific, contractual SLA's and KPI's.

AutoKey Solutions operates in Italy and Europe, using its in-house staff and using trusted international partners.

So AutoKey Solutions is the ideal partner to solve all types of vehicle bodywork and appearance problems, overcoming difficulties in logistics and management.